“I see in the work of Lacaton & Vassal the understanding of architecture as a fundamentally democratic open-ended project, where acts of addition and restructuring are just as important as proposals which rebuild. I would like to work with them to explore ​parallels between such an approach and Greek-French philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis’ notion of “imaginary institutions of society” – the idea that society is a continuous social and political negotiation around human co-existence. Perhaps the true ​autonomy of architecture exists in the unfinished quality of any built object, and the fact that what is built must be imagined and negotiated, again and again. To think of architecture this way​, is to situate our profession at the construction site of a democratic project. With Lacaton & Vassal, I look forward to approaching questions of housing with this in mind, exploring architecture both as the physical support for everyday life, and the scaffold for imagined lives to come.”Hannes Frykholm

Research Grant on Singapore’s Void Decks – December 2023

Hannes Frykholm has been awarded an EMCR Seed Grant from the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre for his project “After Flexibility: Change and Permanence in Singapore’s Void Decks”. The project explores the consequences of ongoing state initiatives to fill-in the multi-purpose ground floors – the void decks – of Singapore’s high-density public housing. The research will be developed with support from Lilian Chee (National University of Singapore) and representatives of the Singapore Housing and Development Board.”

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre builds on the expertise of and facilitates collaborations between over 400 University of Sydney academics who specialise in Southeast Asia. The Centre focuses on partnerships and collaboration between researchers and practitioners working on critical real-world Southeast Asia issues, such as economic and social reform, infectious diseases and the environment.

Recent Publications – December 2023

An article based on part of Hannes Frykholm’s Waterloo Housing research was recently published in ‘Fabrications’ – the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand. Hannes Frykholm (2023) ‘A Village Stood on End’: Anthropology and the Interior of the Modernist Tower, Fabrications, DOI: 10.1080/10331867.2023.2284463

No more demolitions: alternatives to public housing redevelopment. 

A public forum discussing alternatives to redevelopment! 

Redfern Community Centre, Tuesday 18 July 2023  

At this local public form, Hannes discussed international exemplars of renovating and retrofitting public housing. 

Other speakers included:

  • OFFICE, a narrm/Melbourne based non-profit architecture practice, who have developed the RETAIN/REPAIR/REINVEST model for public housing based detailed assessments of the Ascot Vale and Barak Beacon estates 
  • Hands Off Glebe, a local resident action group who have developed retention and refurbishment proposals for Glebe’s Franklyn St and Wentworth Park Road estates 
Invitation image for the No More Demolitions event
A call to arms for architects and planners

Minimally Disruptive Urbanism, Edinburgh Collage of Art Symposium, 22– 23 Jun 2023  

The Minimally Disruptive Urbanism project is coordinated by Professor Chris L. Smith, at the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney, Australia; Professor Suzanne Ewing at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh, UK and; Associate Professor Lily Chi at Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP), Cornell University, US. The project was awarded The University of Sydney – The University of Edinburgh Partnership Collaboration Awards (2022-2023). 

Hannes presented his paper ‘Architectural Silence in a ‘Vibrant’ City: The Parking Garage as Street Frontage’.


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Hannes presenting his paper

19th annual Architectural Humanities Research Association  conference “Building Ground for Climate Collectivism: Architecture After the Antropocene”,  held at the Pratt School of Architecture, Brooklyn, New York,  17 -19 November 2022.  

Hannes Frykholm presented his current research at the 19th annual Architectural Humanities Research Association  conference.  Engaging architects, landscape architects, planners, and activists in parallel sessions on design and environmental crisis, the conference explored new forms of climate collectivism in design-oriented research, pedagogy and practice. 

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