Lacaton & Vassal Exhibition

Lacaton & Vassal: Living in the City

Tin Sheds Gallery, 148 City Road, Darlington. 27  July – 23 September 2023

Curators: Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal, Hannes Frykholm & Catherine Lassen

Collaborators: Matthew Asimakis, Liat Busqila, Mackenzie Nix, Caitlin Roseby

This exhibition presents three years of teaching and research framed by inaugural Rothwell co-chairs Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal at the University of Sydney School of Ar­chitecture, Design, and Planning.

Connecting Lacaton & Vassal’s architectural projects, doc­umentary films, research, and studio investigations focused on the Sirius Building and the Waterloo Housing Estate, Lacaton & Vassal: Living in the City illumi­nates a method based on close attention, transformation rather than demolition, and provision of the highest quality of living space. It foregrounds a critical priority for the Pritzker Prize-winning French architects: Urbanism begins inside each apartment, with quality housing for everyone.

Lacaton & Vassal: Rothwell Chair Symposium 2021

Living in the city: exemplary social and affordable housing design

Session 1 – Living in the city: transformation, intensification. Keynote lecture: Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal | Moderator: Catherine Lassen


Session 2 – Re-thinking housing models: Victoria. Presentations: Clare Cousins, Quino Holland, Rob McGauran | Moderator: Roderick Simpson, architect and urbanist


Session 3 – Re-thinking housing models. Presentations: Irénée Scalbert, Sophie Delhay Architecte, Christophe Hutin | Moderator: Kate Goodwin 


Session 4 – new propositions, questioning politics, planning and policy. Presentations: Peter John Cantrill, Professor Nicole Gurran, Future Method Studio | Moderator: Olivia Hyde


Session 5 – new propositions, questioning cost-per-square-metre and generosity. Presentations: Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal, Andreas Hofer, Florian Köhl | Moderator: Hannes Frykholm